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Promoting your business, service or company begins with a clear message of identity and differentiation.  Who are you?  What sets you apart ?  Who is your ideal customer?  How do you reach them?

Platform Blue is a marketing and design company based in Sacramento, California that provides web and graphic design, strategic planning, content marketing and project management services to businesses of any size throughout Northern California.   

Think about how you define your business' success.  The more specific you are, the easier it is to design a targeted marketing plan that makes the most of your budget to achieve your ends.

At Platform Blue we clarify those goals, identify your strategic moves and translate them into clearly defined tasks, anticipating problems and providing solutions.  We'll take your vision from a concept to a complete marketing plan and stay with you until all the pieces are in place.

Summarize your company's culture and offerings in one or two sentences.  If you can't,  that's the starting point.  Then paint the total picture of your quality and value where your customers can't miss it.

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