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At Platform Blue we know that teamwork is the core of success - yours and ours.
We are a collaborative of marketing professionals - copywriters, web designers,
graphic artists, photographers and more - who contribute their unique expertise towards your business goals.  At the helm is former Fortune 500 marketing exec Nicole Darracq Bert, providing strategy and creative direction for a seamlessly integrated whole.

We deliver cutting-edge creative with old-school integrity and leadership by service.  Trust your dream to Platform Blue.

Nicole's ethics are such that we could hand her the keys, 

the checkbook, or the credit cards without a moment's hesitation.  

That's rare, and when you're running a business, it's priceless."

Claudia Hanna
Co-Owner and CFO, Hanna Vineyards, Inc.

Ads, image, promotions, and collateral executed with sophistication, substance, style and wit...
they'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll swoon, they'll buy.
Bohemian creativity with Phi Beta Kappa follow- up. Tin Pan Alley meets Silicon Valley in a high-
performance team with high-voltage productivity.
A background in art history and graphic design that allows clear communication of your company's image, whether your reference is Classical or Cubist.
It all takes off from