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Strategy, Vision and Implementation
We'll brainstorm your deliverables and your mission, and help you identify your customers - what is their need?  How do you meet it?  Together we'll define what differentiates you from your competitors and how that uniqueness benefits your target audience.  Combine these with your philosophy and company culture and from all these diverse elements, we'll synthesize a clear, effective message for your brand.

Knowing your destination helps define your business plan.  Once you identify your goals, we'll break them down into manageable steps and ​allocate tasks based on your timeline and available resources.  

It all takes off from 
Clarity.     Content.      Collateral.
STRATEGY                         IMPLEMENTATION
Tactics, Channels, and Scope

​Every customer requires a distinct approach.  Are you increasing contact with existing clients?  Finding new ones?  Introducing a new product, or fostering loyalty to an old one?  What channels are most effective with each audience?  Your brand message must be clear, consistent across all platforms and must resonate with each of your targets.

There are dozens of ways to get the word out, wildly varying costs and a wide spectrum of efficiency.  We'll help you find the sweet mix that reaches the largest audience at the ideal frequency for the most effective use of resources.  From that framework, we'll fill each pipeline with a well-told story, arresting imagery and a compelling call to action.
Identity:  Print and Digital

The difference between tools that work and those that don't is design.  Your logo, business cards, website 
and brochures all need to communicate your image and philosophy, stimulate inquiry and create desire.  Understanding the utilization of each piece results in tools that work in every situation and eliminates 
wasted expense.  

Strategic Planning
Messaging / Content
Visual Identity - Logos, Cards
Digital / Web Branding - Websites, Social Media Platforms
Print Collateral
Project Management

​" She made the dream come true.  Seriously.  We had a vision but had 

no idea what to do...Nicole walked in, listened, and made it happen.  I 

know it's not really that easy, but she made it that way for us.  " 

- Dr. Ty Affleck, MD
Owner, Santa Rosa Sports & Family Medicine